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Alex – Awesome!

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Hey Everyone, Check out this site They’re giving away the MacBook Pro! Click here: Thanks!

Website Evaluation – Alex Hamilton

// November 20th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // Media

I think the website is rather good apart from the theme. The new theme has made it harder to navigate through the site. If the site had a more simple theme, it would be a lot easier to navigate through. A better theme is the theme from when the website first started. I do not remember what the theme was called but it was awesome.

Performing Arts Show

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Saturday 7th November

Saturday 7th November

Newman media grounds

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Introduction to Events

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Look at current events


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Here we can leave examples of work  and show off our skills

Introduction to Partnerships

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Partnerships are central to our school. They connect the school to the community. We look forward to establishing long lasting community based partnerships.


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This is the first post on Design. Currently Design follows the Photography context. This is a place where we can share our photographs and communicate and develop our ideas.

Applied Information Technology

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This is the first post in AIT (Applied Information Technology). Here we discuss the curriculum and help each other create some effective pieces and achieve the intended outcomes of the course.

Kaaylaani,Daaavid,Allaan ;D

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What makes music compelling?

muic appeaals to everyone lyrics might be relateble the beat might excite you and might encourage certain emotional responses , whatever it may be music is apart of everyday life (more…)