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Harry and Jason’s Topic – Cricket

// October 28th, 2009 // 1 Comment » // Featured, Media

History of Cricket

  1. Where did it get it’s name? cryck meaning staff or stick
  2. When did it start? 1598
  3. Is it played in other countries?Australia, England,  New Zealand, India, South Africa,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, West Indies,Zimbabwe
  4. Are the rules different? same in every country
  5. Where did the book on cricket history come from? England but it is found in Melbourne Cricket Ground 
  6. Who makes the rules?Umpire and officials
  7. How many teams are there? 7 teams in Australia
  8. Why is cricket important? because its sport and its one of the earliest games in England and its respected

What is it about cricket that make you want to play/blog/share about it?