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Puppyy :)

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Puppy :-)

Puppy :-)

kristy and tremaine-brainstorm – refugees

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For years, many countries and regions have been holding their own Refugee Days and even Weeks. One of the most widespread is Africa Refugee Day, which is celebrated on 20 June in several countries.

What might you say to other people to advocate for refugees?

i would say that not all of the refugees are coming in to live, as some already live in australia but just had no other way to get back into the country.

How will you communicate that refugees are people too?

i would explain to people what its like for them and how they live and how important it is for them to come into another country

What are some other example of people who advocate for refugees?

 the people who advocate for refugees hold protests in ordes to try and help refugees into another country to have a better life.

What kinds of issues do refugees face when coming into a new country?

refugees can be deported when coming into the country. if they make it without getting caught the children can have trouble at school and tend to need extra help as there previous education may have been disrupted or even non-existent

What other countries have refugees?

some of the countries that refugees are mostly known to be are, afghanistan, irag, sierra leone, pakistan, syria,  jordan, iran and guinea.

What kinds of refugees come in to where?

refugees dont usually pick a particular country, they go to the safest place possible with out getting caught.

Why do people flee their country? 

most refugees that flee there country because there is either a war taking place there

What is human trafficking?

human trafficing is where people sell or deal someone to another person

What kinds of solutions exist?






Helen, Rose, Mikky- our ideas about dreams

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Make a list of dreams that we’ve had

Psycho clowns

Pink wall

Being chased

Psycho 5 yr old killer

Raining popcorn


Screaming with no voice

Killer nanny







Stacking logs

Running and tripping






loved ones



Why do the three of us remember such creepy dreams?!!

Ten Facts about Dreams

10. Blind people dream

9.  You forget 90% of your dreams

8.  Everybody dreams

7. Dreams prevent psychosis

6.  We only dream of what we know, e.g the faces that you see in your dream, you haven’t made up, but you just may not know or remember them.

5. Not everyone dreams in colour – 12% of fully sighted people dream exclusively in black and white

4.  Dreams are symbolic, e.g a dream about staples is not actually about staples, it’s about needing to organise your life

3. People that have quit smoking after a long time have more vivid dreams

2. External stimuli invade our dreams

1.  You are paralyzed while you sleep, so you can’t act out your dreams

facts found at

Top 10 Most Common Dreams

10. Car troubles

9.  Faulty machinery

8.  Being lost or trapped

7. Missinga a boat/ train/ plane

6.  Failing a test

5.  Someone being ill or dying

4.  Being chased

3.  Bad or missing teeth

2.  Nudity or inappropriate dress

1.  Falling or sinking

Kaylani – Bob Marley

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legend 3

legend <3

Alan Lester – Me & Sammy

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I wuv my Sammy.

I wuv my Sammy.

Emily Grogan

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Emily Grogan

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