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This website could be inproved by:

  • Making it easier to sign up
  • Making it easier to embed things (or maybe i’m just doing it wrong… :) )
  • Making it easier to find work (blog posts)
  • it’d be cool to have tutorials on the site, e.g how to use special effects.


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Could we make a local news report?


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This website:

Some difficult things are -

finding your work,

embedding things is kind of hard,

talking to people,

looking at what people have lately written and posted

3 Examples of Awesome Student Blogs

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I did a bit of research to find other student blogs you might like. Here’s what I found.

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How can we make this side better????

1. I think this site would be better if we can add our own videos, pictures and things we like .

3. The writing are smalll so make it bigger.

4. It would be better if we can talk with other school.


Some different ideas

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33 Things the Youth of Newman Can Do

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I once had a mentor tell me that when working to empower people, all you can really do is ‘hold the crown out in front of them’ – it’s up to them to step up into that crown and claim it.

We’ve been in Newman for nearly 12 weeks now working to help local kids make media, videos and websites, as well as fundraise, run a film night and even get mentions in both print and on television!

On our last ‘workday’ with them we did a nice review of everything they’d learned. At this point, without any youth center or community technology space to call their own – it’s up to Newman’s youth to determine their future as the town’s central media makers. Our hope is that they’ll be able build on the skills and creativity they’ve developed these past 12 weeks.

That said, here’s a blog ‘toast’ to the 33 things the youth of Newman can do…so far. Continue Reading

Website Evaluation – Alex Hamilton

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I think the website is rather good apart from the theme. The new theme has made it harder to navigate through the site. If the site had a more simple theme, it would be a lot easier to navigate through. A better theme is the theme from when the website first started. I do not remember what the theme was called but it was awesome.


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needs a bit more colour and excitement but apart from that it is a good site :)

Performing Arts Show

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Saturday 7th November

Saturday 7th November