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Attention all film and media mad Newmanite Students.

A new ‘Film Club’ is starting on Wednesday 11th of August at 2.45pm in the media rooms at NSHS. Come join us. Print out the attached permission slip and return it to Mr Lewis at the High School.

Alex – Awesome!

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Hey Everyone, Check out this site They’re giving away the MacBook Pro! Click here: Thanks!


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This website could be inproved by:

  • Making it easier to sign up
  • Making it easier to embed things (or maybe i’m just doing it wrong…¬†:) )
  • Making it easier to find work (blog posts)
  • it’d be cool to have tutorials on the site, e.g how to use special effects.


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This website:

Some difficult things are -

finding your work,

embedding things is kind of hard,

talking to people,

looking at what people have lately written and posted


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How can we make this side better????

1. I think this site would be better if we can add our own videos, pictures and things we like .

3. The writing are smalll so make it bigger.

4. It would be better if we can talk with other school.


Some different ideas

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Website Evaluation – Alex Hamilton

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I think the website is rather good apart from the theme. The new theme has made it harder to navigate through the site. If the site had a more simple theme, it would be a lot easier to navigate through. A better theme is the theme from when the website first started. I do not remember what the theme was called but it was awesome.


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needs a bit more colour and excitement but apart from that it is a good site :)

Newman media grounds

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5 Inspirational Sites For Your Multimedia Projects

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Design Meltdown

Is run by Patrick McNeil and he runs the website to showcase “…awesome web design. What you find here is a collection of hand picked, hand cataloged web sites. The goal is to inspire, challenge and inform you. Enjoy!” (more…)