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Top 3 Sites For Finding Sweet Photoshop Tutorials

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Photoshop is fun. I never took any real classes in it, but it didn’t stop me from making art with it.  If I wanna learn something new though, it means I have to look else where to find tutorials on how to use it.  Here’s 3 places I found for finding sweet tutorials online.  Note: This blog really needs another category for putting these tutorials in:)

  1. Photoshop Tutorials
    Duh.  Sounds like what it is.  I like their alien one.  Heaps creepy.  But they have other good stuff too.
  2. Photoshop Star
    this site is really easy to understand.  I dig it for nice fat images to illustrate each post.
  3. PSD Tuts
    I already wrote about this in another post, but I had to put it here again.  they just got such good stuff!  have you seen their ivy green article tutorial?  They charge for access to some of their posts, but here’s all the freebies :)

3 Examples of Awesome Student Blogs

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I did a bit of research to find other student blogs you might like. Here’s what I found.


33 Things the Youth of Newman Can Do

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I once had a mentor tell me that when working to empower people, all you can really do is ‘hold the crown out in front of them’ – it’s up to them to step up into that crown and claim it.

We’ve been in Newman for nearly 12 weeks now working to help local kids make media, videos and websites, as well as fundraise, run a film night and even get mentions in both print and on television!

On our last ‘workday’ with them we did a nice review of everything they’d learned. At this point, without any youth center or community technology space to call their own – it’s up to Newman’s youth to determine their future as the town’s central media makers. Our hope is that they’ll be able build on the skills and creativity they’ve developed these past 12 weeks.

That said, here’s a blog ‘toast’ to the 33 things the youth of Newman can do…so far. (more…)


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5 Inspirational Sites For Your Multimedia Projects

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Design Meltdown

Is run by Patrick McNeil and he runs the website to showcase “…awesome web design. What you find here is a collection of hand picked, hand cataloged web sites. The goal is to inspire, challenge and inform you. Enjoy!” (more…)


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Here we can leave examples of work  and show off our skills

Kaaylaani,Daaavid,Allaan ;D

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What makes music compelling?

muic appeaals to everyone lyrics might be relateble the beat might excite you and might encourage certain emotional responses , whatever it may be music is apart of everyday life (more…)

Harry and Jason’s Topic – Cricket

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History of Cricket

  1. Where did it get it’s name? cryck meaning staff or stick
  2. When did it start? 1598
  3. Is it played in other countries?Australia, England,  New Zealand, India, South Africa,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, West Indies,Zimbabwe
  4. Are the rules different? same in every country
  5. Where did the book on cricket history come from? England but it is found in Melbourne Cricket Ground 
  6. Who makes the rules?Umpire and officials
  7. How many teams are there? 7 teams in Australia
  8. Why is cricket important? because its sport and its one of the earliest games in England and its respected

What is it about cricket that make you want to play/blog/share about it?


Alan Lester – Me & Sammy

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I wuv my Sammy.

I wuv my Sammy.

hope ~ mikayla conlan

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