How To Put Media into Your Posts

// November 26th, 2009 // How To Use This Blog

When you want to put media in your posts, you have two options:

  1. Upload your media to this blog’s Media Library and insert it into a post
  2. Upload your media All Around, grab the URL/code and paste it into your post.

Option 1 is easier, but you can only upload images up to 500kb in size.

Option 2 has more steps, but works well if you have larger pieces of media.

In both cases, you’ll need to click one of the ‘Add media:’ buttons found on your Post editing form.

Here’s a short video that goes over adding images to your posts.  Note: not all features mentioned in the video are available on this blog.

Not sure how to grab the URL of an image?  Here’s how:

1) Simply right click on the photo.
2) Choose “Properties”

3) Then Highlight the Address(URL)

4) Copy it by hitting CTRL+C
5) Hit “Cancel” on the “Properties” window
6) Now Paste the url in your post by hitting CTRL+V

Then you get this…

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