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How can we make this side better????

1. I think this site would be better if we can add our own videos, pictures and things we like .

3. The writing are smalll so make it bigger.

4. It would be better if we can talk with other school.


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  1. Morgan says:

    you are so right on man! Currently, if you want to put your own videos, pictures and other things on the site, you first have to upload it to All Around You and then copy/paste the code into your blog posts here.

    I wrote a few tutorials (just for you!) here on the site. You can see them here:


    As far as talking with other school you might want to team up with Harry to see what other schools out there are doing cool things.

    Here’s some individual student bloggers to check out: http://supportblogging.com/Links+to+School+Bloggers#toc56

    Here’s some classroom blogs:

    Check in with Mr. Lewis to see which ones would be most awesome.

    Keep blogging and asking those questions!

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