Helen, Rose, Mikky- our ideas about dreams

// October 23rd, 2009 // Media


Make a list of dreams that we’ve had

Psycho clowns

Pink wall

Being chased

Psycho 5 yr old killer

Raining popcorn


Screaming with no voice

Killer nanny







Stacking logs

Running and tripping






loved ones



Why do the three of us remember such creepy dreams?!!

Ten Facts about Dreams

10. Blind people dream

9.  You forget 90% of your dreams

8.  Everybody dreams

7. Dreams prevent psychosis

6.  We only dream of what we know, e.g the faces that you see in your dream, you haven’t made up, but you just may not know or remember them.

5. Not everyone dreams in colour – 12% of fully sighted people dream exclusively in black and white

4.  Dreams are symbolic, e.g a dream about staples is not actually about staples, it’s about needing to organise your life

3. People that have quit smoking after a long time have more vivid dreams

2. External stimuli invade our dreams

1.  You are paralyzed while you sleep, so you can’t act out your dreams

facts found at http://listverse.com/2007/11/14/top-10-amazing-facts-about-dreams/

Top 10 Most Common Dreams

10. Car troubles

9.  Faulty machinery

8.  Being lost or trapped

7. Missinga a boat/ train/ plane

6.  Failing a test

5.  Someone being ill or dying

4.  Being chased

3.  Bad or missing teeth

2.  Nudity or inappropriate dress

1.  Falling or sinking

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  1. Morgan says:

    Helen, Mikky and Rose – these are great. Your brainstorming process is obvious (which is nice). Now let’s see if we can find some cool facts about dreams – maybe the 5 top dreams people have around the world?

    Or some other cool facts about dreams?

    How are dreams interpreted? Do people use dreams to make important life decisions?

    Don’t forget to find some cool images to embed in your post!

  2. NIOMI says:

    You never told me that you were on the internetWOW. this is fantastic babes. so this is whAT YOU WERE TAalking about at lunch time and little lunch!

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